Monday, November 21, 2016

Fall Pumpkins

We  started this lesson by using our Artist Eyes to look at a few pumpkins. We also passed around a pumpkin to see where the lines start and end in order to have a better idea how to draw the Contour lines and make our Pumpkins look more Realistic.  We talked about how those Contour lines are what make our drawings look more like a pumpkin and less like an apple. We also talked about how pumpkins do not float in the sky and how Artists use an Horizon Line to show that objects are either in the sky or on the ground. We then started our paintings, the process included pencil, sharpie, oil pastels and water color paints. When students finished their paintings they had the opportunity to repeat the steps on drawing a pumpkin and then cut it out to glue onto the Rowe School Pumpkin Patch which you can come see out in the hallway.

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